What is Soul Awareness Healing

Soul Awareness is a significant piece of the puzzle when addressing deep-rooted issues that are blocking your growth, your potential for achievement, and your ability to have a joyful life. The soul searches for healing when the same questions keep arising. "I can't seem to be content." & "I feel like there is a struggle going on inside me." & "I am fearful of making mistakes." & "There is never enough – I have to work myself into the grave to make it."

Soul Awareness Healing addresses these deep-seated beliefs that are obstructive blocks to not only your progress on the earth plane, but also your spiritual plane.

Sara's Bio

Sara grew up in Peoria, Illinois, and earned her degree in Education from Illinois State University. She eventually taught computer software part-time to inner city adults at a Milwaukee college while pursuing a sales career in telecommunications. The surprising outcome wasn't the awards in sales, but the deep satisfaction in seeing her students achieve so much. Her last sojourn into the workforce was four years as a CART writer (Communication Access Realtime Translation) translating speech to text for college students who happened to be deaf or hard of hearing.

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Five years of study and experience with different modalities of energy work have prepared Sara for the opening of her practice. Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing, a three-year program, was the answer to understanding what was happening in her life, from visions and meeting her spiritual guides to tapping into visits from the Other Side. She received the structure to build on in order to become comfortable with her abilities rather than engaging in fear and confusion.

After being introduced to Soul Awareness Healing, the two-year journey of study further opened up her skills and abilities in getting to the heart of the matter of healing, which is the unveiling of distorted energies that sidetrack us and block our potential achievements. Our soul awareness helps us gain recognition of who we are and the person we want to be.

The Advanced Energy Healer (AEH) designation was awarded upon graduating from the School of Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing.

The Session

The healing session consists of quietly sitting. It is not hands-on nor does it need a massage table. As a matter of fact, sessions are done remotely with an open phone line for any necessary communication. There are some modalities where face-to-face is necessary and sometimes a table is used for healing work, but not with Soul Awareness Healing. A session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes plus, depending upon the person. Your energy blocks can surface slowly or quickly. It is much like peeling an onion layer - gently and carefully, one layer at a time.

The Book

My Adventures with Spirit Guides, Animals, Visions, Dreams, and Ghosts - A True Story is now offered in e-book format.

An excerpt:

I closed my eyes and slipped into a state of quiet meditation. In came the soft blackness and then the rich, deep, vibrant indigo blue. The color was constantly moving, stretching and folding in on itself. It's the color of the third eye or sixth chakra. This has always been my experience when entering meditation. Gradually the indigo blue faded and a white mist appeared in the center of my "vision." This was definitely different! Slowly a face started emerging. The face was of an old woman showing herself from the waist up looking straight at me through her kind, squinted eyes and brown wrinkled face. As the scene enlarged in width and length I saw she was dressed in what appeared to be soft leather hides and beads. Her long gray hair was woven with leather strands into two braids hanging down her chest. Appearing frail, but resolute in spirit, she stood in front of me at first, and then I saw myself standing beside her. Observing from a distance I saw her slowly merge with me and temporarily we became one before she slipped out the other side. She didn't speak, but was trying to show me something through these movements. I sensed she was trying to be careful not to scare me. I didn't want to move for fear she would disappear. I simply held still and inhaled soundlessly. Finally, in her entirety she moved back slowly as if on a moving sidewalk. She got smaller and smaller until she disappeared. I was stunned, but exhilarated, and yet confused all at the same time. Who was she and what did this mean?

Most fascinating book I have ever read!

- Doug Cenko

Author of My Papa is a Princess

Is there going to be a sequel?

- Janna C.

Salesforce Admin

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Sara A Brooks, Practitioner of Soul Awareness Healing
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